Last week’s Change Summit in Poland came to an end and it was the stark warning from Wildlife Broadcaster, David Attenborough that left a resounding mark in everyone’s minds. At the summit he warned that today’s generation is essential if we are to prevent catastrophic global warming.

In response to this, Kames Capital’s, Craig Bonthron gives his view on the importance of public figures taking a stance…

“The gravitas of Sir David Attenborough is always welcome. He is a globally recognised figure who combines a vast knowledge of the natural world with a gift for communicating that is quite frankly unequalled. In a world of constant news and noise it is very easy to place non-immediate issues to the back of our mind and for most of us the UN climate change summit is probably one of those things. But some issues are too important.  Climate change is the gravest threat multiplier that the human race and the natural world we inhabit has ever faced and having Sir Attenborough speaking directly to world leaders about it was no mere PR stunt, it was very important. His words were stark and impactful. I believe that the human race has the technology and capital to meet the challenge but we need to move fast. We need both the carrot and the stick of global governments to us force the down paths that Sir David has urged us to take.  The UK is bidding to host the 2020 UN climate change summit, let’s hope that world leaders listened to him last week and we have made meaningful progress by then.”

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