My colleague Euan Weir recently wrote an interesting piece on environmentally friendly shipping regulations, which should benefit refiners who produce low-sulphur fuel. About time too!…Goldman Sachs estimate 15 of the world’s largest ships emit more sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides than all the world’s cars combined.

It’s not just eco-warriors and refiners that benefit from this trend – there are second and third order impacts as well. Hydrogen is needed in large quantities to reduce sulphur content in fuel, so industrial gas companies like Air Products, which supplies hydrogen to the world’s refiners, also stand to benefit as we move towards implementation of the regulations in 2020.

Air Products is the largest hydrogen supplier in the world. Hydrogen is usually produced on-site at a refinery by steam reforming of natural gas, or transported by pipeline from a nearby plant. Gas is expensive to transport over large distances by truck, so local oligopolies tend to form within 200-250 miles of a major hydrogen plant. This creates a powerful economic moat.

Revenues are protected in others ways too. Supply contracts typically last 15-20 years and contain minimum pricing clauses to ensure payment, even if no hydrogen flows through the pipes (for example, during a recession when demand is low). This provides Air Products with a stable source of income throughout the economic cycle, and is one of the reasons they have been able to increase their dividend for 35 consecutive years.

With the shipping regulations likely to drive up demand for more complex, “cleaner” fuels and industrial gas companies seeing healthy volume growth and pricing trends, when it comes to the world of investments, going green can really pay dividends.

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